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Early Closure - 16th November

On Wednesday 16th November we will be closing our office at 2pm. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
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The Rwanda Plan

The Rwanda asylum plan is an immigration policy created by the UK government whereby some asylum seekers who arrive in the UK may be relocated to Rwanda.
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World Event for Young Artists

As part of the Cultural Olympiad Nottingham hosted the World Event for Young Artists (WEYA) in 2012. Never one to miss out, we co-hosted a night of music.
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Walking for the RNLI

To raise money for the RNLI and to celebrate our 18th birthday, our colleagues completed a 20(ish) mile walk from Nottingham to Newark.
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UK Visa Processing Times

Many factors impact visa processing times, this article is a summary of the current (average) processing times. For accurate information refer to UKVI.
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UK Tuition Fees for EU and EEA Students

From the 2021/22 academic year, EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens won’t be eligible for home fee status as their tuition fees are now set by the university.
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What is causing the labour shortage in the UK?

The labour shortage in the UK has been caused by many factors. As the government reacts to these shortages we discuss the sustainability of the reaction.
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UK Immigration ID Check App

The UK Immigration ID Check app allows applicants to verify their identity through a mobile app without the need to attend a biometrics appointment.
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The Immigration Family Reunion Clinic

In a collaboration with the University of Derby and the British Red Cross, we have been running an Immigration Family Reunion Clinic.
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The deportation process in the UK

In the UK, non-British citizens who receive a custodial sentence may be deported. We discuss the current deportation process and how it may change.
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