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India Young Professionals Scheme

The India Young Professional Scheme allows Indian citizens aged between 18 and 30 years old to live and work in the UK for up to 2 years.
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Overstaying in the UK

Overstaying refers to remaining in the UK beyond the validity of a visa without making a valid application to extend the visa, read more about the impacts.
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The future of international students and global talent in the UK

In the past few months several things have come to light which may shape UK immigration, in this article we explore the proposed plans further.
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Partner Visa Entry Clearance

An individual can apply for partner visa entry clearance online where they meet all the visa requirements laid out in Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules.
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Who can be a referee for British Citizenship?

When applying for British citizenship, applicants are required to provide two referees who are able to confirm their identity.
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An employer’s guide to employing refugees

Refugees are more likely to be unemployed than people born in the UK. As employers there are actions which you can take to support refugees in employment.
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Marketing Nottingham

We are delighted to announce that co-founder, Thal Vasishta, is one of eight new directors appointed to the board of Marketing Nottingham.
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Good character requirement for naturalisation 2023

The majority of people applying for British citizenship will be required to meet the ‘good character requirement’, failure to do so may result in refusal.
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Our guide to Hockley, Nottingham’s coolest postcode

Hockley is the coolest postcode in Nottingham and it is also the place where Paragon Law is located. Download our free guide about working in Hockley.
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Certificate of Sponsorship

A certificate of sponsorship must be assigned to every sponsored worker who you employ. The certificate allows the employee to apply for a visa.
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