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Immigration law and visa support to assist EU-UK trade

Our business immigration team advise businesses on their EU workforce planning and advise companies in the EU on transferring staff to the UK for short and long term assignments.    

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Helping UK businesses navigate work visa requirements for the EU

Some of our clients have subsidiaries or a parent company in the EU, others need to supply their services to a client in the EU. Our business immigration lawyers are able to advise on the visa requirements as set out in the EU-UK Trade Agreement and on specific member state reservations. 

How we advise on EU-UK movement of staff:

Permitted business visitor activities

Our immigration lawyers can advise on the permitted business activities allowed as a visitor and can advise on the documentation requirements specific to your assignment.

Service Supplier Visa

If you are an employed service provider or a self-employed professional and you need to be in the UK for longer than 6 months to provide a service our legal experts can advise if this visa is suitable.

Frontier visas

If you are an EU worker who commutes to the UK regularly in order to work but reside outside of the UK then you may be eligible for a Frontier Work Permit (providing that this was also the case before 31st December 2020).

Work Visa Rules for the EU

Our business immigration lawyers advise UK businesses on the EU rules and country specific visa requirements to work in an EU member state. To discuss your objectives with a member of our legal team, please get in touch.

In-house Visa Training

Our business immigration solicitors are able to provide remote training to HR teams and organisations on the visa requirements to establish a business and transfer staff to the UK.

Establishing a UK office

If you are from the EU and wish to establish an office in the UK then there are a number of visa options which will help you to achieve this. Our immigration lawyers will assess your objectives and current UK activities to advise on the most appropriate visa option for you.


The ECAA visa previously allowed Turkish nationals who were over the age of 18 to enter the European Community and set up or join existing business in the UK. The route is closed for new applicants, however, there remains provisions to extend existing visas and to settle in the UK.

UK visa requirements to establish a business in the UK

Our immigration lawyers help businesses and entrepreneurs to navigate complex immigration rules and choose the correct visa to set up business in the UK.

Why choose Paragon Law?

  • Well-versed in UK and EU immigration law. We have advised businesses of all sizes, universities and trade representative bodies on navigating the new post-Brexit relationship.
  • Partnered with the charity 'Here For Good’, providing legal support with applications and appeals under the EU Settlement Scheme.
  • Dedicated to providing expert immigration advice to individuals and businesses to help them secure their future in the UK and the EU.

I’ve worked with Paragon Law across three different businesses. Regardless of the size and importance, the service is the same with no compromise. The team is able to pick up if one person is out.

UK HR Director

Meet Thal Vasishta

Thal Vasishta

Thal Vasishta

Director and Solicitor, Business Immigration

Thal Vasishta leads a team of business immigration law specialists that advise organisations on employing skilled foreign nationals in the UK and transferring staff as part of a short or long term project. Clients include UK and foreign multinationals, education institutions and niche SMEs 

I worked with Paragon Law during the World Event Young Artists festival and they were thoroughly professional and really helped with a pretty complex situation - bringing 1000 artists from 100 countries to the UK for a 10 day festival. I have kept in touch and have benefited from advice and support on a number of occasions. Can't recommend them enough.

Frequently asked questions

We are a company based in France, can we send our contractors to the UK to service a contract?

This will depend on the terms of the contact between you and your UK client regarding how the contract will be serviced by you. It will also depend on what work will be carried out in the UK and how long the contractors will be in the UK. All of these factors will define the best visa option for you.

What makes Paragon Law different from other immigration law firms?

Paragon Law is one of the UK’s largest and longest established immigration law firms. We have advised countless individuals to successfully acquire a visa to work in the UK. Our advice is tailored and jargon-free and we are a safe, knowledgeable law firm with a proven track record.

How can we find out more about your services?

To learn more about our services complete the enquiry form below and one of our legal team will be in touch to arrange a video or telephone appointment with you. In this free consultation, our legal team will work to understand your objectives and inform you of your options.

How do you assess your fees?

We understand that no two clients are the same, and so, there cannot be one fee that is applied to all cases. Therefore, we offer an initial consultation. This consultation allows you to explain your objectives, allows us to assess your options, if the legal requirements will be met and if you require us to manage the application or if you require advisory services. After the initial consultation we will advise clearly on our fixed fee approach and inform you of this in writing.

Find out more about our fees

Our fees reflect the service required and the complexities of the case. For a tailored quote please consult one of our immigration lawyers. As an immigration law firm, we offer our clients an initial consultation with an immigration lawyer in order to get more detail about your case.

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Speak to our expert immigration lawyers

Every client is different in terms of  their requirements. There is no one price or service that fits all. We tailor our advice for each client. Please complete the form below and in turn a business immigration lawyer will be in touch to discuss how we can work together.