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Civil Penalty For Employing Illegal Workers To Increase - Next Steps?

UK Visas and Immigration have confirmed in their Code of Practice on Preventing Illegal Working that the fee increase comes into effect on 22 January 2024.
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Illegal Migration Act 2023

Enacted on 20 July 2023, the act has set a devastating precedent of endangering vulnerable people in the name of Rishi Sunak’s campaign slogan ‘Stop the boats’.
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The Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) to increase in January 2024

The increase in Immigration Health Surcharge (HIS) is expected to take effect on or around 16 January 2024. The payment of the charge allows access to the same NHS services as UK residents.
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Immigration: Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

As black history month comes to an end, in this article we show how UK immigration law is extremely racialised today as it has been in the past.
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UK Immigration Rules Changes in 2023: What you need to know

There have been recent changes to UK immigration rules in 2023. Read this blog and learn how they will affect student, personal, and work visas.
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Can I bring my elderly parents to the UK?

There are a number of immigration routes which enable you to bring your elderly parents to the UK. Read more about bringing your parents to the UK.
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Care Worker Shortages: A Roundtable Report

In May 2022, we participated in a roundtable event to discuss the labour shortages in the UK's care sector. Read more about the discussion.
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Update - Right 2 Rent

Our Right 2 Rent service is no longer available. Check our resources for information on how to prove your right to rent or how to check a tenant’s status.
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Accessing public funds in the UK

Individuals subject to immigration control will often have no recourse to public funds. Learn about this restriction and potential actions you can take.
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The benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer

There are numerous benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer, however, here are our top three benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer.
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