Our Finance Executive Holly Costema celebrating a decade at Paragon Law by writing a blog on her experience working for the immigration law firm

A Decade At Paragon Law

Paragon Law's Finance Executive Holly Costema celebrates a decade working for the Nottingham-based immigration law firm, writing a blog on her experience.

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In a world of constant change and career mobility, the notion of staying at one job for a decade might seem like a rarity. However, for me, the past ten years at Paragon Law have been a journey marked by meaningful connections, shared successes, and a sense of belonging fostered by the incredible people I have had the privilege to work alongside. The genuine friendships cultivated over the years have transformed my workplace from merely a professional setting to a second home.

Employee Retention

One of the key factors that has contributed to my prolonged tenure is the mentorship I've received from experienced colleagues. Their guidance and insights have played a pivotal role in my professional development, providing me with the tools and knowledge needed for me to succeed in my many roles at Paragon Law (an astonishing 3 roles to be precise!).

As a long-standing member of Paragon Law, I have had the privilege of actively participating in making it a truly unique place to work, contributing to its success and the growth of the firm. From day one, it was evident that Paragon Law was not just another law firm. The inclusive culture at Paragon Law is one to be reckoned with, our team represents a medley of nationalities, experiences and talents that enrich the professional environment.


Exciting Team Building Events

My involvement with the Social Committee means that I have been a big part in creating a sense of community within the firm. Beyond the legal complexities we navigate daily, adopting a positive and engaging work environment is crucial. This is where the Social Committee play a vital role in organising events that promote a sense of camaraderie amongst our diverse team.

Examples include picnics in the park, escape rooms, Eurovision-themed fuddles, bowling, the list goes on. The social committee have also been instrumental in organising charitable events, our 18-mile walk to celebrate 18 years of Paragon Law is a prime example, where we raised money for the RNLI. If you want to read more about the laughs and lows of that walk, you can do so here.


A Grateful Reflection

As I look forward to the next chapter, I carry with me a profound sense of gratitude; for the opportunities to learn, for the challenges that have spurred personal and professional growth, and most importantly, for the people who have become more than colleagues—they are my Paragon family.




Do You Want To Join The Paragon Law Family?

Boasting over 20 years of industry expertise, Paragon Law is the go-to for corporate and personal immigration law issues across the globe. Offering a variety of roles within the firm, our multicultural, diverse environment welcomes new talent regularly as the organisation continues to expand.

Stay updated with new opportunities to join Paragon Law by visiting our Careers page or follow Paragon Law on LinkedIn.

Everyone Is Welcome.

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