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Spouse, Fiancé and Partner Visas - A Valentine's Update

A 2024 Valentine's Day update on recent changes to immigration laws surrounding spouse, fiancé and partner visas to help bring a partner to the UK.
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Unmarried Partner Definition Change - Immigration Rules Appendix FM

A change in the definition of 'unmarried partner', under the UK Immigration Rules Appendix FM, allows a more generous interpretation for visa applicants.
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How do I bring my partner to the UK?

If you are settled in the UK, a British or Irish citizen, or hold a UK visa, then you may be able to bring your partner to the UK.
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What is a genuine and subsisting relationship?

To apply for a Partner Visa, you must show that your relationship is ‘genuine and subsisting’, i.e. it is real and not just a matter of formality.
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Spouse Visa Extension

A Spouse Visa extension allows individuals to remain in the UK for a further 30 months (2.5 years), after this individuals may apply for ILR.
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Biometric Residence Permit UK

An UK biometric residence permit (BRP) is a card which confirms the holder’s identity, immigration status and their entitlements in the UK.
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Paragon Law and Citizens Advice Bureau: Free Legal Advice Surgery

Paragon Law is partnered with Nottingham’s Citizen Advice Bureau to offer a free legal advice surgery for individuals with immigration-related queries.
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UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirement 2023

The minimum income requirement for the UK Spouse Visa is £18,600, read more about how the financial requirement can be met.
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