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Rwanda Policy Versus The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court held that the UK government's 'Illegal Migration Act - Rwanda Policy', which involved the relocation of asylum seekers, was unlawful.
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Immigration: Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

As black history month comes to an end, in this article we show how UK immigration law is extremely racialised today as it has been in the past.
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The Rwanda Plan

The Rwanda asylum plan is an immigration policy created by the UK government whereby some asylum seekers who arrive in the UK may be relocated to Rwanda.
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UK Visa Processing Times

Many factors impact visa processing times, this article is a summary of the current (average) processing times. For accurate information refer to UKVI.
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The deportation process in the UK

In the UK, non-British citizens who receive a custodial sentence may be deported. We discuss the current deportation process and how it may change.
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Success at the Court of Appeal

Paragon Law’s deportation solicitor, Karen Halliwell was part of the team that brought the case of Secretary of State (SSHD) v AM to the Court of Appeal.
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Nationality and Borders Bill

The Nationality and Borders Bill is a new route to the UK’s immigration system. In this blog we discuss the detrimental impacts which this will create.
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