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Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation provides an opportunity for employers to recognise and express gratitude for the hard work and dedication shown by their employees.

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What is Employee Appreciation Day?

You may or may not have heard, but today (3rd March) is National Employee Appreciation Day. As the name suggests, National Employee Appreciation Day provides an opportunity for employers to recognise and express gratitude for the hard work and dedication shown by their employees. 

At Paragon Law, our employees (alongside our clients) are at the heart of our organisation. Without the dedication and hard work shown by our employees we wouldn’t be where we are today. We owe our success to their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts. While we recognise the significance of days like this, we believe in making employee appreciation a daily practice.

At Paragon Law, recognizing hard work and dedication is ingrained in our company culture. For instance, last year, James Firman and Emma Okenyi, two outstanding employees who demonstrated exceptional ability and dedication towards the firm, were promoted to Director-level positions. To commemorate this momentous occasion, we took an afternoon off to celebrate their success with an office party, ensuring that their achievements did not go unnoticed. 

However, our appreciation and recognition efforts extend beyond grand gestures. We have implemented a rewards system that enables our employees to send cards to one another when they feel someone deserves recognition By fostering a culture of appreciation, we empower our employees and promote higher motivation and morale. At Paragon Law, recognising and rewarding our team's hard work and dedication is not just an occasional event - it's an integral part of who we are.

In addition to our culture of recognizing and celebrating achievements, we also have a dedicated social committee that plans a variety of engaging events for all our employees. From festive parties to office-wide competitions, bowling nights to relaxed evening drinks, we ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy. With remote and hybrid working becoming the new normal, we place even greater importance on creating opportunities to bring our team together to boost morale and foster a sense of community. At Paragon Law, we believe that socialising and having fun with colleagues is essential to building strong relationships and creating a vibrant work culture.

In an article about how we show appreciation to our employees, we would be remiss if we didn’t highlight some of the more ‘traditional’ benefits, so without further ado:

  • Hybrid working: Eligible employees have the flexibility to benefit from hybrid and remote working arrangements, allowing them to balance their personal needs with their work obligations.

  • Competitive annual leave allowance: All colleagues receive a competitive annual leave allowance of at least 25 days per year (plus Bank Holidays) with the opportunity to earn an additional day of leave for each full year worked (capped at 30 days).

  • Birthday leave policy: All employees are given their birthday off to enjoy.

  • Staff benefits scheme: All employees are enrolled onto our rewards gateway which provides them with access to discounts, a wellbeing centre, and even a concierge service.

  • Healthcare cash plan: We care about the health and wellbeing of our employees, and so, provide them with a UK healthcare cash plan that enables them to claim money back from a variety of health services, such as eye tests, dental work, and prescriptions.

  • Ongoing training and development: We believe in investing in our colleagues’ career growth, and so, all employees (with their supervisor) will create a tailored training and development plan.

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