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Paragon Law and Citizens Advice Bureau: Free Legal Advice Surgery

Paragon Law is partnered with Nottingham’s Citizen Advice Bureau to offer a free legal advice surgery for individuals with immigration-related queries.

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In 2013, Paragon Law partnered up with Nottingham’s Citizen Advice Bureau to offer a free legal advice surgery for individuals who have immigration-related queries. 

Our immigration solicitors and lawyers are able assist with a variety of UK visa applications and immigration matters such as:

  • Visitor visas.

  • Fiance and spouse visas.

  • Student visas.

  • Settlement visas.

  • Work permits.

  • EU Settlement Scheme.

  • Queries about your immigration status.

  • Welfare benefits.

  • Asylum seekers and refugees.

How does the advice surgery work?

Once a month one of our personal and family immigration lawyers provide free immigration advice to clients of Nottingham’s Citizen Advice Bureau. Appointments take place on a Friday between the hours of 12pm and 5pm (depending on the number of referrals). Currently these appointments are carried out virtually or through a telephone service (depending on preference). If you wish to access this free immigration advice then you must make a booking through Citizens Advice Bureau.

What is the point of this advice surgery?

It is no secret that accessing good legal advice comes at a high cost. The fees associated with legal advice and services often means that individuals are left in the dark about their immigration status and future in the UK. To combat this and improve access to legal services in Nottingham, we partnered up with Citizens Advice Bureau to offer free legal advice to people who would not otherwise be able to afford it. Not only does it help those who access the scheme, but it offers a sense of reassurance to those in the local area that there is a service out there if they ever need it.

Can I access this immigration advice surgery?

Anyone in the Nottingham area who has an immigration query can access this service. To access free immigration advice from our immigration solicitors and lawyers please contact Citizens Advice Bureau to arrange an appointment. Currently appointments take place once a month on a Friday afternoon (12pm to 5pm) and are provided virtually or over the phone. If you are not ready to consult an immigration lawyer then it is also free to access free immigration advice from Citizens Advice who may refer you to an immigration lawyer.

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