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Financial Requirements For A 'Partner Visa' Application In The UK 2024

Expert immigration solicitor, Nikita Swift, breaks down the minimum financial income requirements for a successful partner/spouse visa application in 2024.
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Spouse, Fiancé and Partner Visas - A Valentine's Update

A 2024 Valentine's Day update on recent changes to immigration laws surrounding spouse, fiancé and partner visas to help bring a partner to the UK.
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Accessing public funds in the UK

Individuals subject to immigration control will often have no recourse to public funds. Learn about this restriction and potential actions you can take.
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How to prove your right to work to an employer

You'll be required to prove your right to work to an employer to show that you have permission to work in the UK. Read more about proving your RTW.
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Good character requirement for naturalisation 2023

The majority of people applying for British citizenship will be required to meet the ‘good character requirement’, failure to do so may result in refusal.
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The ECAA Visa

The ECAA visa allows Turkish nationals who are aged over 18 to come to the UK to set up or join a business. The ECAA visa is closed for new applicants.
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