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Appealing Home Office Decisions

If the Home Office has refused your immigration application and you have the right to appeal then you may be eligible to make an immigration appeal.

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When can you make an immigration appeal?

  • When you have received a refusal letter which states that you have the right to appeal your immigration decision.
  • If the refusal decision you have received is one which entitles you to make an appeal.
  • If there will be a breach of your right to family or private life as a result of the decision you have received.

Why work with Paragon Law?

A significant number of immigration decisions are overturned at appeal, and for the past several years, the success rate on immigration appeals has not dipped below 50%. Therefore, if you have the right of appeal it is worth contacting an immigration lawyer. Additionally, immigration appeals often involve complex legal issues and procedural issues, and so, it is important that you get the assistance of an immigration solicitor or lawyer who is familiar with the process.

Why choose Paragon Law?

  • Track record. With over two decades specialising in immigration law, we have a long history of successful cases and ongoing relationships with our clients, peers and external experts. 
  • Jargon-free. Our expert immigration lawyers are able to make the legal process that one bit easier by breaking down the technical jargon to ensure that you understand everything about your case.
  • Top-tier. The Legal 500 deemed us as a top-tier law firm, meaning that we are one of the highest rated immigration law firms in the UK.
  • Well-regarded. Our immigration lawyers have received national acclaim for their work.

This immigration law powerhouse is best known for handling complex and high-profile cases. The lawyers are admired for their hard work and dedication to clients. They push and push and never take no for an answer.

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Meet Emma Okenyi

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Emma Okenyi

Emma Okenyi

Solicitor, Personal Immigration

Emma Okenyi is a solicitor in Paragon Law’s Personal and Family Immigration department.

Emma has extensive experience in many aspects of UK immigration, but in particular specialises in family and private life applications and complex nationality matters. During her career Emma played an instrumental role in setting up a monthly pro-bono immigration advice surgery at Nottingham Citizens Advice.

Meet Maaria Mahmood

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Maaria Mahmood

Maaria Mahmood

Senior Caseworker, Personal Immigration

Maaria Mahmood is a Senior Caseworker in Paragon Law's Personal and Family Immigration team. Maaria can assist individuals with a wide range of immigration matters and can support individuals at any stage of the legal process.

Meet Elliott Dipper

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Elliott Dipper-1

Elliott Dipper

Senior Caseworker, Personal Immigration

Elliott Dipper is a senior caseworker in Paragon Law's Personal and Family Immigration team. Elliott is able to assist individuals with a wide range of matters relating to UK immigration law and can support individuals throughout the legal process.

Paragon Law was there when we needed them the most; in the time of crisis. They helped us get through our difficult period and guided us to get desired results. This team is professional, extremely knowledgeable and have plenty of experience for anyone to feel comfortable in acquiring their services and expecting a quality of work that is second to none.

Appeals and Challenges Fees

Our fees reflect the service required and the complexities of the case. For a tailored quote please consult one of our immigration lawyers. As an established UK immigration law firm, we offer our clients an initial consultation free of chanrge with an immigration lawyer in order to get more detail about your case.

Please see our disclaimer for full information regarding consultation availability.

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Immigration Appeals and Challenges: FAQs

Can all unsuccessful immigration applications be challenged?

Yes, even if you do not have the right to appeal then you may be able to make a judicial review as a means of appeal.

Do I have to be in the UK to make an immigration appeal or challenge?

You can make an immigration appeal from inside and outside of the UK, providing that your refusal letter states that you have the legal right to appeal.

How long does an immigration appeal take?

An immigration appeal can take between six and 12 months. This time may be shorter or longer depending on the complexity of your case and the capacity of the courts.

What happens if my immigration appeal is denied?

If your immigration appeal has been refused then you may be able to take your appeal to another court (e.g. the Upper Tribunal). However, if your appeal continues to be refused then the easiest way to persist with your immigration application is to make a fresh application. When making a new immigration application it is important that you address every reason why your original application was refused. For this reason it is important to consult an immigration lawyer if you wish to make a new immigration application following a refusal.

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  • Judicial review

    Judicial review

    If you find yourself without the right to appeal your immigration decision, then you may be able to make a judicial review where you challenge the refusal based on legality or rationality.

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  • Administrative Review

    Administrative Review

    If your immigration application has been refused and you believe that this decision is incorrect due to a case working error and you do not have the right of appeal then you may be eligible to lodge an administrative review.

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